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You spent thousands of dollars on software to improve your revenue cycle. Your coding team is using the software, and you assumed that would be enough to achieve the results you wanted. But time goes on, and your revenue cycle outcomes barely improve. Either that, or you are paying for more staff to use the software, which undermines the results you are getting.

We recently read an article on LinkedIn about this problem, titled “The Users Aren’t Using Your Software…” Back in the day, software companies simply sold software, with a yearly support cost on top. If you needed help using the software, it was your responsibility to reach out for help. The problem is, no one buys software because they want software. You aren’t looking for revenue cycle software. You are looking for a specific business outcome. Our job is to partner with you to achieve that goal. These are some of the common goals of our clients:

  • No Denied Claims: Clients want to keep their denial rate low by making sure every claim is clean and complete before it goes out the door.
  • No Missed Charges: Clients don’t want to leave any revenue on the table; they want to make sure they are getting paid the full amount every time.
  • Increased Revenue Cycle Staff Productivity: Clients want to increase the productivity of their revenue cycle staff so that money gets back in the door as quickly as possible.

Simply purchasing software will not produce these outcomes. Technology is only powerful and effective when used correctly. Here are some ways that we partner with clients to achieve the goals they are looking for.

Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics

We know that your balancing an ever-increasing list of priorities. The last thing our products should do is increase that list. So we don’t expect you to look over the shoulder of each of your coders to make sure they are using our software correctly. We don’t even have time for that! That is why we offer Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics.

Once our clients are using our technology, we use analytics to get insight into how well they are doing. We compare the productivity of your users. We see what changes they are making, and we look for opportunities for further automation, as well as retraining of your staff. Analytics allows us to see exactly how well you are using our software, and how we can help you get closer to your ultimate business goals.

Dedicated Support Staff

Software is powerful, and analytics are an insightful tool, but nothing is more powerful than the human touch. Our support staff is dedicated to making sure that our clients are completely satisfied with the results they are achieving. We maintain strong relationships with our clients as we partner with them to achieve real outcomes. The brief, focused, data-driven conversations we have with practice leaders helps us provide the best possible outcomes together.

Are you looking for a partner to help achieve your revenue cycle goals? Schedule a free revenue cycle analysis to see just how powerful a partnership with White Plume can be.