ePASSWhite Plume’s Electronic Practice Acceleration Solution Suite (ePASS) provides you with extreme flexibility in effectively capturing medical charges and accelerating the process of getting these charges accurately refined and entered into your billing system with minimal change and disruption to your operation.

ePASS Benefits
Requires little in terms of real adjustment to your business operation Automates Medicare requirements Delivers integration of the discovery and correction of errors; each encounter leaves the system only after a thorough review
Minimizes risk of turnover/loss of experienced coders and other employees Provides electronic forms that can be designed to mirror existing encounter forms, contributing to a smoother adoption process Enables manipulation of units on the form, on the tablet, or within the editing screen
Improves patient care through redeployment of FTEs onto patient-centered tasks Delivers capability to compensate based on productivity and reimbursement Alerts users to illogical quantity/code combinations
Reduces charge entry and claim re-filing costs Creates system feedback that provides physician training, reinforcing capture of all billable activity and becoming part of the routine Allows entry of referring physician on the form, on the tablet, or within the editing screen
Automated entry increases accuracy through elimination of keying errors Provides flexibility in delivering charges to the PMIS Alerts user to absence of a referring physician when such is required
Provides better efficiency through high-speed scanning and fast tablet capture of information Scans, processes, and "keeps straight" as many distinct formats as could ever be reasonably needed Allows manual entry of information to alert edit user to review the note and take appropriate action
Tablet allows entry of charges without relying on patient to deliver forms to checkout Automatically detects and retains that the appointment provider is a mid-level (PA or NP), even though override enables encounter to be billed to the true billing provider Provides tablet-based forms in an application that is comfortably familiar to paper forms
Delivers improved practice control through the ability for physician to mark exactly what they mean and not rely on interpretation by charge entry clerks Accepts as many diagnosis codes as needed for marking Allows for marriage of disparate systems with the added bonus of comprehensive code validation
Enables edits to be applied consistently across all charges, regardless of provider, coder or clerk Intelligent form design drives more accurate marking by physicians Provides capacity to scan more than 1200 forms per hour

Use of explosion codes inserted into the form logic cause an associated code to always be billed whenever the primary code is billed, freeing the user from having to remember each time

Provides capability to set up "always-billed" code combinations together so that providers only need to mark a single bubble for both codes to be selected and appropriately ranked and linked Offers “adoption smoothing” best practices necessary to ensure implementations go as expected
Creative approaches guide form marking and conserve space on forms Logic behind form bubbles follows insurance rules Provides new codes delivered quarterly for rapid integration within the existing edits
Provides ability to detect that a diagnosis, which would support the procedure if primary, is present but not primary Supports use of generic codes, turning them into appropriate CPT codes for editing and back into generic codes prior to PMIS submission Provides availability of direct-to-physician training or a "train the trainer" approach for practices that prefer to handle their own physician instruction
Supports multiple providers, locations on an encounter and can split an encounter into multiple claims Provides ability to edit against generic or industry codes - procedures, diagnoses, modifiers Combination of White Plume training and intelligent form design moves much of the decision-making process away from the administrative staff and out to the physicians
Provides full support of fee override Tablet-based forms enable follow-up edits and information addition Delivers strong and rapid return on investment
Contains tables that store parameters for driving automation of changes whenever predetermined conditions are met Standard edits can be suppressed if not applicable  


Custom edits
Consider patient age and gender Catch E/M inconsistencies and missed charges Alert user to non-compliant encounters
Allow review of encounters for custom general or carrier-specific rules Enable encounters to be placed on hold until specific providers are approved to file to particular carriers

Allow uniform application of clinical rules added from insurance bulletins or EOB analysis

Alert user to review encounters and change provider or procedure, if appropriate Remain as a uniform rule set unaffected by employee turnover Automated E/M review drives up collection of missing charges
Performs LCD, NCD, CCP and medical necessity edits prior to posting in PMIS Automation of charge entry enables coders to focus on research of new requirements, analysis of reimbursement practices, auditing and other higher priority tasks  
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