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AccelaCAPTURE, Your Electronic Superbill

AccelaCAPTUREAccelaCAPTURE™ replaces your paper encounter forms with an intelligent, electronic  superbill deployed on a tablet, laptop or desktop PC. The fast capture form enables physicians to work as fast as paper while automating charge entry, providing faster practice throughput, preparing for ICD-10 and enabling digital routing within the medical office. Physician offices can transition to a digital paperless environment without having to change the way they operate now.

AccelaCAPTURE is a minimally invasive technology that can produce major results.


With AccelaCAPTURE, providers simply select diagnosis and procedures using a touch screen or mouse and utilize the notes section of the electronic encounter form for specific instructions to charge entry or front desk personnel. Once the provider completes each encounter, ePASS workflow software routes these charges through the powerful AccelaSMART charge resolution engine, validating compliance with Medicare CCI, Medical Necessity Guidelines, blended LCD's, and payor-specific guidelines. Each encounter form receives multilevel editing. As errors are identified, they are presented to coding staff along with recommendations for correction. Corrected charges or "clean claims" are then automatically uploaded into the practice management system.

AccelaCAPTURE Benefits:

  • Protects physcian productivity
  • Maintains familiar encounter form, but in electronic version
  • Eliminates paper expense
  • Makes ICD-10 a non-event for the physician
  • Automates charge entry
  • Eliminates lost or missing encounter forms
  • Gives clinical and administrative staff electronic access to encounter forms
  • Can be utilized simultaneously with EMR

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