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White Plume Technologies Partners with Wellcentive to Provide AccelaPQRS

White Plume Technologies Partners with Wellcentive to Provide AccelaPQRS

White Plume Technologies announces its partnership with Wellcentive, an industry leader in population health management and analytics solutions, to provide an accelerated platform for practices to receive PQRS incentives through AccelaPQRS.

AccelaPQRS is a registry-based alternative to claims-based reporting for current White Plume clients. Reporting via a registry has been proven to deliver better results in qualifying for PQRS incentives. Based on CMS’s 2010 PQRS and eRx Experience Report, success rates range from 87% to 94% for registry-based reporting, compared to 53-61% for claims participation.

The Wellcentive/White Plume partnership combines the reliability of registry-based PQRS reporting with superior workflow. First, encounters that are eligible for the selected PQRS measures are automatically detected, eliminating the need for manual review of each encounter. Data is then directly uploaded to the registry to eliminate the cost and potential for error associated with duplicate data entry. Finally, PQRS data is collected and monitored throughout the year, rather than delaying it as a large project for year end. Providers must successfully participate in PQRS in 2013 to avoid a 1.5% penalty in 2015. Those who are successful with PQRS in 2013 and 2014 will receive an incentive payment equal to 0.5% of their total Medicare Part B reimbursement for each of those years. However, the PQRS penalty increases to 2.0% of the provider’s allowable fee schedule in 2016 if he or she fails to successfully report in 2014.

“We are thrilled to offer our clients a registry partner and help them avoid future penalties,” says Matthew Menendez, VP Sales and Marketing at White Plume. “Wellcentive provides a world-class registry product. None of the current incentive programs are rewarding operating efficiencies for the practice; their goal is to drive data. Using our smart workflows and rules engine combined with the dashboards and registry features from Wellcentive gives our clients a highly efficient solution for collecting and identifying the data they need to report without burdening providers unnecessarily.”

Frank Murphy, Wellcentive President & CEO, added, “We are very pleased to be selected by White Plume to deliver a registry-based PQRS reporting solution to their clients. Wellcentive’s platform makes PQRS reporting efficient, and delivers 99% incentive eligibility. Through this partnership, White Plume’s users will be able to easily qualify for PQRS incentives, avoid the coming penalties, and increase the efficiency of their operations.”

About White Plume Technologies

White Plume Technologies accelerates the charge capture and coding process to fill the EMR gap between current EMR functionality and the much hoped for "ideal" EMRs of the future. White Plume solutions help practices prepare for PQRS, payment reform, HIX, and ICD-10. To learn more about White Plume and its solutions, visit www.whiteplume.com. 

About Wellcentive

Wellcentive delivers physician-facing, end-to-end population health management solutions that help clients improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Wellcentive's cloud-based, scalable, customizable Advance™ solution enables comprehensive population health management with industry-leading point of care, risk assessment, predictive modeling, care management, and automated patient outreach tools. Wellcentive’s proprietary interfacing platform aggregates and normalizes clinical and administrative data from disparate sources, including EMRs, local and national labs, e-Rx, PMS, health systems, payers, HIEs, and data warehouses. Wellcentive transforms this actionable data into meaningful information that enables preventive care, evidence-based disease management, population health management, physician alignment, clinical integration, and participation in reimbursement programs that include Pay-for-Performance, PCMH, Meaningful Use, PQRS, and Accountable Care.

Thousands of providers and their organizations use Wellcentive solutions to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care for millions of patients. Wellcentive’s industry-leading interfacing platform has more than 1,400 live interfaces and exchanges millions of messages every week with a wide variety of local and national interfacing partners. Wellcentive’s clients include some of the most prestigious physician groups, physician organizations, health information exchanges, professional organizations, and employer groups in the country.


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