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The Problem: Disappearing DMEs

Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center is known for their excellence in sports medicine and orthopaedic patient care, research, education and prevention. As a large and growing practice who provides many DMEs, it makes the most sense for them to own their DMEs in-house. The problem is that DMEs have “legs”, meaning that a patient gets fitted and can walk out the door before the charge is accurately captured.

This lends itself to several problems. Not only did they struggle to keep up with inventory, but they weren’t able to accurately charge for the DMEs they were giving out. This is extremely costly, and they needed a solution to ensure they were paid in full for every DME they fitted.

The Solution: Inventory and charge capture in one place

Andrews’ supplier for all of their DMEs is DJO Global. DJO Global recently created a software to solve the problem of missing DME inventory, called MotionMD. This software is a great solution for keeping track of DME inventory, but the problem of assigning those DME charges to the right patient remained.

Lisa Warren, CEO of Andrews, saw an opportunity to solve both problems with one great solution. Andrews already uses our software, AccelaCAPTURE, to improve their charge capture strategy. AccelaCAPTURE is an electronic charge capture software, which is used to automate charge entry.  It protects physician productivity, and has easy to use features such as historical diagnosis and forms customization.

Lisa contacted us with the idea to find a way for MotionMD to send the DME codes straight to AccelaCAPTURE. MotionMD already keeps track of all their inventory, so we knew that if they would also attach those DMEs to the specific date and patient, we could solve both problems.

Here is what Lisa had to say about working with White Plume on this project:

“White Plume has been wonderful to work with.  They are proactive and really pushing the DME vendor to produce a product and workflow that will be helpful.”

Now, Lisa is able to keep track of their inventory and accurately capture the charges. She can stop losing revenue on DMEs with legs, and start getting all that revenue back into her practice. For creative solutions to all of your charge capture needs, schedule a free revenue cycle analysis.