The majority of EMR decisions, both development and purchase decisions, are driven by Meaningful Use.    As Meaningful Use requirements increase over time, many practices will replace their current EMR vendor.  In fact, companies like Greenway and SRS have begun to capitalize on this trend by implementing “EMR Replacement Programs.”   

One major reason that practices are unsatisfied with their current EMR vendor, is that the vendor over promised.  A common area of over promising is in the impact EMR will have on the revenue cycle.  Meaningful Use is all about capturing data for CMS and does not address the billing process or revenue cycle efficiency.  As a result integrated coding tools are either missing entirely or less than desirable.  The AMA recently found claim errors cost the industry $17 billion annually.  EMRs are not solving claim errors.  This is why most new White Plume clients come to us already having implemented EMR. 

In addition to preventing denied claims White Plume clients capitalize on revenue mining rules that alert coders when specific codes are missing.  For instance, if diabetes is present, do you often administer a blood sugar test?  If coronary artery disease is present, have you done your standard coronary tests?  Additionally, another common example is vaccinations.  If a shot is administered, is an administration code present?  Many times clients find holes which have existed in their billing cycle process for years.

Are you looking for additional revenue and billing efficiencies to leverage your current EMR or to fund a replacement EMR?