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Healthcare is ever-evolving, and developments are being made every day. The implications of these developments will affect healthcare providers and patients alike. These are a few of the healthcare technology innovations that are currently making a huge impact.


Telehealth is disrupting the healthcare scene. With doctors literally “on demand”, patients are able to access healthcare quickly and conveniently. This kind of technology is feeding the consumerization of healthcare. Patients can get medication prescribed for things like colds or the flu from the comfort of their home. They no longer have to drive to the clinic and sit in a waiting room for an hour, where they will be exposed to germs from other sick patients. It’s hard to argue with that level of convenience. Consumers have new expectations for how they receive their healthcare, and healthcare providers should prepare for this change.

Facebook blood donation tool

Many people’s lives depend on blood donation supplies. However, the demand is often greater than the supply. Facebook is launching a blood donation tool in the U.S. this year that will notify registered blood donors when there is a blood shortage in their area. These blood donors can then go donate blood themselves or share and encourage their friends on Facebook to donate. This is a creative solution to the never-ending need of blood donation, and it has the potential to save many lives.

Virtual reality

When most people think of virtual reality, they think of video games. Users are transported to another world where they live out the game they are playing. Most people don’t realize it is also being used in many ways in the medical field. One use of virtual reality is to calm patients who are about to undergo surgery. Another innovative use of virtual reality is to help patients who are doing physical therapy. Physical therapy can be a long, grueling process. With virtual reality, however, patients can do physical therapy in the form of a virtual game. These games are a fun way to get patients to engage in PT exercises.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the hot topic in healthcare technology this year. It is being hailed as the answer to the problem of interoperability. Blockchain technology can be used to decentralize patient data and create a secure method of sharing that data across different locations and users.

We will be watching to see what the lasting impact of these technological developments will be. Healthcare is constantly changing, and we hope that the changes will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of physicians, patients, and the entire healthcare community.