When most people think of healthcare, the first thing that pops in their head is not revenue cycle management. However, those of us in the medical world know how important it is. After all, practices run on cash flow. Among the many responsibilities that a practice manager faces, revenue cycle management is a top priority. With so many other responsibilities to juggle, revenue cycle management software is an obvious solution.

Define Revenue Cycle Management Software

Revenue cycle management software can sit anywhere between your EHR and your PM system and is used to automate revenue cycle processes. From charge capture to preventing errors and correcting claims, revenue cycle management software helps streamline the revenue cycle. A good revenue cycle management software solution will not only save you time, but will improve claim accuracy and increase cash flow for your practice.

Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management Software

  1. Capture charges more quickly and accurately
  2. Prevent claim denials on the front end of the revenue cycle
  3. Automatically updates to industry coding standards
  4. Build custom rules to improve coder productivity and accuracy
  5. Streamline revenue cycle processes

White Plume Revenue Cycle Management Software Solutions

When it comes to capturing medical charges as quickly, accurately, and efficiently as possible, no one does it better than White Plume. Not only do our products work with your current EHR platform to capture and correct claims on the front end of the revenue cycle, but our dedicated customer service team works with you to improve your revenue cycle process. We don’t just provide technology – we provide outcomes for your revenue cycle. Find out just how much time and money you could save by scheduling a free revenue cycle analysis.