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We collected data from our entire client base, and these were the top five diagnosis additions that orthopedic practices are making. If you are a coder at an orthopedic practice, most likely you will not be surprised by these results. However, this is an opportunity to measure against your peers and see if you are on the right track.

Here are the top 5 diagnosis additions orthopedic practices are making:

  • M17.1 – Unilateral primary osteoarthritis
  • M48.06 – Spinal stenosis
  • M25.56 – Joint pain in knee
  • Z47.1 – Aftercare
  • M54.5 – Lower back pain

It’s important to regularly analyze your coding productivity and find new opportunities for improvement. For example, if you are making these diagnosis additions frequently, there may be an opportunity for automation. Automating your most frequent coding changes allows you to be a more productive coder, which improves cash flow.

White Plume clients can build custom rules to optimize their medical coding. This streamlines the process, creating more accurate claims that go out the door as quickly as possible. Find out more about how White Plume could improve your revenue cycle outcomes.

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