Recently, 2 coders in an orthopaedic practice in North Carolina were able to more than triple their productivity in less than 5 months. Chrissy & Lynn, 2 coders at Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center, were able to increase their productivity in the midst of operational changes. With the help of White Plume products and customer service team, they were able to triple their coding productivity, allowing them to reallocate work to other areas in their revenue cycle. That is a huge win for the practice and a testament to the hard work of 2 coders who stepped up to the plate.

The Backstory: Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center


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Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center is an orthopaedic practice based in North Carolina. Before using White Plume, they were looking for a charge capture and coding solution that could integrate with their EHR and PM systems. They had 5 coders who split up the coding workload on top of their other revenue cycle tasks. Chrissy, one of those coders, was new to doing charge entry and nervous about her success in their billing department.

“I have only been working in the billing department doing charge entry for about 6 months. I was a little nervous about catching on to all of the edits for my claims to go out correctly and having my LCDs correct on my Medicare patients.”

Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center selected White Plume products as the answer to their charge capture and coding needs. They use AccelaCAPTURE for charge capture, and AccelaSMART for coding review and automation. Their go-live was mid-November of last year.

After the go-live, White Plume ran Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics with them in order to measure their performance from the beginning. There were several benefits to running analytics from the go-live. This would allow them to track their revenue cycle accuracy and efficiency, as well as their rules automation, and measure their improvements along the way. White Plume was able to track both the overall progress as well as the progress of Chrissy, Lynn, and each individual coder.

Coder Spotlight: Incredible Productivity Gains

After they had several months to adjust to using White Plume software, they ran a second analytics report to measure their progress. Chrissy & Lynn showed incredible improvements. In less than 5 months, they both tripled their productivity. Carolina Orthopaedic decided to make operational changes that led them to assigning all the coding work to Chrissy & Lynn. These 2 coders were able to handle this change because of the ease of use that AccelaSMART provides, as well as the increased productivity and efficiency that they achieved.

This is an amazing improvement, and reflects the hard work and positive attitudes of Chrissy & Lynn. The coding workload for these coders doubled. But rather than letting that slow down their productivity, they were actually able to complete the workload three times as fast as before.

This progress was made possible by White Plume’s ePASS products. Chrissy said this about how White Plume helped her achieve these amazing productivity gains:

“White Plume has completely assisted me in the progress I have made so far in this department. The edits within this system are amazing, and I am truly grateful to have this system in our practice. I would definitely not be able to input as much as I do, and all of them go out clean, without the assistance of White Plume.”

Continual Opportunities For Improvement

As Chrissy, Lynn, and Carolina Orthopaedic continue to work with White Plume, they will see even greater productivity increases. Going forward, they will receive analytics on a quarterly basis. With the help of Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics, they will measure their progress and identify more automation opportunities or opportunities for improvement. If they were able to triple their productivity in less than five months, imagine how much progress they will make in a year.

Well done, Chrissy, Lynn, and everyone at Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center.

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