A recent study revealed that in order to make EHRs usable, doctors are resorting to several different workarounds in their day. These workarounds add extra time and work for the doctor, and they have the potential to cause harm to patients.

Why do doctors today need workarounds?

A workaround is defined as “nonstandard procedures typically used because of deficiencies in the system or workflow design.” The system, in this case, is the Electronic Health Record. Doctors are finding that they are unable to use their EHR as is and adequately treat their patients. It is difficult to find and retain all the information they need, so they are resorting to taking handwritten notes and bringing them into the exam room.

While taking handwritten notes into the exam room helps some doctors, it is inefficient, unnecessary, and potentially harmful. This process could lead to overlooked important information or miscommunication, which puts patients at risk. It points to a broken system. EHR design is non-intuitive, and there is too much information for physicians to quickly process before a patient exam.

Solving the EHR design dilemma

The two problems that led to staff workarounds were poor design and information overload. If that’s the case, then there is an obvious solution. The first solution is to design an EHR screen that is easier to view. Presenting data in the form of charts or graphs, for example, would be easier for doctors to quickly process. The second solution is to allow doctors to select which data they actually want to see on their screen. When doctors open up their EHR, they are hit with information overload. Doctors know what they need to see – they just have trouble finding it. Customizing the EHR screen to only include that information would make their lives easier and prevent extra workarounds.

For doctors who are longing for an EHR screen that is easy to read, customized to their needs, and intuitive, we have a solution – an EHR screen designed by you. The best part? It works within your current EHR. Click here for a free demo of a customized screen.