Thousands of physician practices felt compelled to purchase an EHR during the Meaningful Use program, under threat of government penalties for non-compliance. This forced migration contributed to unprecedented levels of physician frustration and burnout.

As the government sunsets the Meaningful Use Era with the transition to MACRA, MIPS and Value Based Reimbursement many physicians are upset with their existing EHR vendor and are in search for a new, perfect and magical EHR vendor that will solve all of their problems. This is wishful thinking!

There is no such thing as unicorns, leprechauns or perfect EHR solutions.

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Here are three practical reasons why the perfect EHR does not exist:

1. Your next EHR will be as frustrating as your current EHR. All practices are dissatisfied with their EHR regardless of who their vendor is. Do you really want to go through all of the expense, headache, risk and patient disruption for the small chance that your next EHR will be marginally better than your current EHR?

2. The same users who underutilize your current EHR will underutilize your replacement EHR. Less than 10% of all practices fully utilize all the features of their EHR. User attitudes towards EHR are justifiably skeptical, after CMS officials failed to deliver on hyperbolic dreams of EHR dramatically improving patient care. EHRs do not treat patients, doctors do. Do you expect user attitude towards EHR and use of EHR to change based on which EHR you use?

3. CMS EHR Certification requirements handcuffed EHR vendors and their development teams for the past 8 years. Rather than listening to client needs, EHR vendors had no choice but to develop to the government required certification standards. This means the federal government and EHR vendors were mandating workflows rather than pratices. Furthermore, it means that the feature sets across EHR vendors are very similar right now. EHR vendors are making the switch to branding themselves as digital health platform companies to leverage the innovative solutions of other HCIT vendors.

As a result of the federal mandate, many practices implemented their EHR very quickly. The accelerated timeline produced sub-optimal training from EHR vendors and time draining workflows for practices. Doesn’t it make more sense to invest a small amount of money improving your existing system before spending a lot of money on a new system?

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