Remember the days before Electronic Medical Records? In the paper chart era, doctors could find everything they needed for a patient exam in seconds. They could easily flip back and forth between pages if they needed to review several different data sets. It was easy, intuitive, and it didn’t take time or attention away from the patient.

Electronic Health Records entered the scene, and they were supposed to make things easier. The latest patient data was to be accessible at the physician’s fingertips, and it was supposed to improve the quality of patient care. Instead, these screens slow down physicians, squeezing out time on the front and back ends of the patient exam, and they cause screen fatigue. Worst of all, these screens have led to higher rates of physician burnout than ever before.

It doesn’t have to be this way. How did we get so far off from the original vision of EHRs, and how did we let them get in the way of patient exams?

3 Problems, and 3 responses

1. Designed from the top down

No one asked doctors what they needed. When EHRs were originally designed, it was not to help doctors provide better quality care to patients. It came as an answer to regulation, and was mainly designed to capture health data. Meaningful Use requirements pushed EHR development and implementation far too quickly, and the end-user became more of an after-thought.

Solution: Doctor-Designed Screens

Doctors should have been asked what they needed when EHRs were designed. After all, they are the ones using this technology every day. Physicians know exactly what data they need for a patient exam. They know what format would best help them to gather that information and digest it quickly.

With White Plume you can design your own EHR screen to view the patient data you need – exactly how you want to see it! We are focused on creating a great user experience for you – so you can focus on providing excellent care for your patients.  Let us help you reclaim more balance – for your patients and for you.

Start your free screen design today.

2. Switching EHRs is costly and frustrating

Many doctors become frustrated with their EHR. When that happens, it seems like the only solution is to switch vendors. The problem with this is switching your EHR can be expensive, time consuming and in some cases, it may not be a viable option. This leaves many physicians to feel stuck in an EHR platform that really does not work well for them.

Solution: Third-Party Software That Works With Your EHR

If you find yourself stuck with an EHR platform that isn’t working well for you, there is still hope. You don’t have to change your EHR. White Plume will help you enhance it. This is a win-win solution. No one has to go through the painful and costly experiencing of replacing their EHR.

3. Time consuming & distracting

One of the number one challenges physicians face is that they can’t find the patient data they need quickly in the EHR while in an exam. Searching through multiple tabs to find relevant data like lab results, patient history or other information is not only time consuming but also redundant. All of this digging for data prevents doctors from focusing on their patients in the exam room.

Solution: Intuitive Screens Save Time

User-friendly screens that actually help doctors find the data they need as quickly as possible will save doctors time that they can spend with their patients. Instead of switching between multiple different tabs, what if all the data you needed was on one screen? That is what we designed for AccelaVIEW. All the data that you select is in a simple, intuitive, easy to digest format on a single screen.

White Plume Saves Doctors Time

Our goal is to help protect and enhance the Trust/Bond relationship between you and your patients, while providing innovative healthcare IT solutions. After all, that is what healthcare technology should do. If it doesn’t help doctors treat patients, it isn’t doing it’s job.

With White Plume you can customize your EHR screen to support the exam room visit. How much time do you spend reviewing the electronic patient chart before your exam? Does it slow you down or contribute to burnout? Design your EHR screen to get all the data you need to see quickly and easily. See everything you need on a single screen without looking through multiple tabs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing your EHR. Screens can be adapted to your specialty for quick and easy access to the data you care about most. Spend less time in your EHR & more time with your patients.

Physicians, We Hear You:

“Technology should make my life simpler, not more complicated.” 

“When you are angry or frustrated at the EHR, it’s hard to connect with your patients.”

“We can do better than this.” 

“A screen designed by me and for me will be better than one designed by a software company.”

“Trying to force a square peg into a round hole just won’t work in medicine.”

“I’d like to have an additional 45 minutes to an hour per day back in my life.”

White Plume understands. We want to help solve some of these frustrations with our innovative software solutions.