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Physician burnout is impacting doctors across every specialty and type of practice. Medscape 2019’s National Physicians Burnout & Depression Report sheds light on the details of how burnout is affecting different physicians today.

Burnout Across the Board

Although burnout is impacting physicians in every specialty and walk of life, there are certain areas that are more at risk. For example, 50% of female physicians feel burnt out, compared with 39% of male physicians.

When it comes to specialties, the top three for experiencing burnout are Urology (54%), Neurology (53%), and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (52%). The three specialties that experience the least amount of burnout are Pathology (33%), Nephrology (32%), and Public Health & Preventive Medicine (28%).

Contributors to Burnout

There are several factors that contribute to burnout symptoms among physicians. Most commonly pointed out as a factor is spending too much time in difficult to use EHRs. However, here are the top 3 factors ranked in order.

  • Too many bureaucratic tasks – 59%
  • Spending too many hours at work – 34%
  • Increased computerization of practice (EHRs) – 32%

Treating Burnout

Of the physicians surveyed, close to two-thirds said they did not plan to seek help for their burnout or depression. When asked why, 50% said their symptoms were not serious enough, 47% said they could deal with it without professional help, and 39% said that they were just too busy.

The director of the Center for Mindfulness in Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco had this to say about addressing burnout:

“Data are coming to suggest that an institutionally supported network of choices for well-being will be the answer—some combination of things like limited EHR time, increased ratio of patient time, better food choices at work and home, room for personal health (like exercise breaks), tailored mindfulness-based interventions, financial planning services or untraditionally structured jobs.”

Addressing the EHR Problem

While there are several different factors contributing to doctor burnout, one factor is the amount of time they spend searching for data in their EHR before a patient visit. There is so much information, and it is disorganized and difficult to view and process. That’s why we designed AccelaVIEW, a screen designed by doctors, for doctors. We listen to doctors and create a screen view that fits their needs. No more navigating back and forth between tabs – get the data you need to see, how you need to see it.

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