Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics: An Overview

Can the hospital charge capture process evolve into something more professional than scribbled notes written on tongue depressors and lunch receipts? A more convenient and efficient option should be available. Physicians generally see roughly 25-75 patients a week in the hospital. The potential for lost charges is astronomical. Of those physicians, a generous 75% are still using paper based formats – or the backs of coffee sleeves – to document their charges, putting a heavy weight of responsibility on their shoulders for getting that information over to the billing staff.

white-plume-35With the amount of innovation going on in the world, why does healthcare always seem to lag behind? It shouldn’t. 

AccelaMOBILE is White Plume Technologies’ cloud-based application for capturing charges in the hospital. Users have the freedom to use their iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet computer, laptop, or desktop computer wherever and whenever they would like to capture a charge. AccelaMOBILE gives physicians the freedom to cut the cord and minimize lost charges. Often times, practices lose full reimbursement of services rendered because the encounter information never makes it back to the billing office. AccelaMOBILE removes that risk and ensures all charges are delivered electronically–and immediately–to billing staff. The best part: AccelaMOBILE is 100% free. No contract, no expiration, no trial. It’s completely free.

According to surveys by Manhattan Research, 75% of physicians in the United States have purchased an Apple mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod. In fact, one year after the product release 30% of physicians owned iPads and an additional 28% planned to obtain one within the next 6 months. iPads are being given away to first year medical students at several universities. And lab coats, a garment that has remained unchanged since inception, are now coming equipped with pockets to fit iPads. This trend, much like the mobile charge capture process, is here to stay.