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There is a good reason that so few practices actually replace their EHR. Despite dissatisfaction with current EHR systems, it is not worth it for most practices to switch EHR vendors.

Top performing practices know that switching EHR vendors will only cost them time and money. Because of the Meaningful Use era, all EHR vendors are essentially the same. They were designed to meet government regulations, which is why they include the same features, as well as the same frustrating problems.

Leveraging your EHR to improve your revenue cycle

Since switching vendors is not the answer, top performers know that the solution is to get creative with their existing EMR. The place most practices begin to leverage their current EHR is in their revenue cycle.

There is a way to get added functionality for your EHR without switching to a new vendor—using third-party software along with your EHR. Without ripping and replacing your current EHR system, you can automate charge entry, filter claims through a rules-based software to ensure claims don’t get denied, and have access to advanced revenue cycle analytics.

Our clients use our software to improve their revenue cycle, and make their EHR more functional. AccelaCAPTURE is an electronic charge capture form that goes on top of your existing EHR. You can send those charges through AccelaSMART, which works on an exception-only basis. That means that coders and billers only have to stop to review missing charges or charges with an error. This can really streamline your revenue cycle. The final piece is our advanced revenue cycle analytics, which allows practice managers to see what is really going on inside their revenue cycle. That way, they can know how to improve their workflow.

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