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The number one reason managers need revenue cycle analytics is insight – insight into processes, employee performance, and the overall functioning of your revenue cycle. In order for managers to manage their practice well, they need to have full insight into their revenue cycle.

Coder Performance

Most managers probably assume they know who their best coders are, and likely make workflow decisions based on that assumption. Often those managers are right. However, there are a lot of situations where, without analytics, your best coder could be flying under the radar.

Without revenue cycle analytics, it’s impossible to really know coder productivity. We have several metrics we track in our Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics that provide a deeper dive into the productivity and quality of your coding staff.

  • Encounters Per Hour

With this metric, we track the average number of encounters that a coder can process per hour. With automation, this number can be as high as 317 encounters per hour for our super users! Managers can make better decisions with their employees if they have this insight into the productivity of their staff. It can affect the way you divide workloads, or even provide bonuses or promotions.

Revenue Cycle Processes

Most likely, the revenue cycle process that is in place at your practice is based on years of habit. If you track revenue cycle outcomes, you may want to improve efficiency or reduce denials, but without insight into the processes, there is no way to know where improvements can be made.

With revenue cycle analytics, you can know exactly what coding changes are being made most frequently. What you discover may surprise you.

Whatever your most frequent coding changes are, there is usually opportunity for automation. The golden rule in automation is that it needs to be an always or never situation. Always and never situations can be automated, and will save your staff hours of time.

Make The Right Decision With White Plume

White Plume doesn’t just provide you with software – we provide you with outcomes. Our team works with clients to achieve the revenue cycle outcomes you are looking for. We interpret the analytics we provide for you and offer our expertise and best practices to ensure you see results. Try a free revenue cycle analysis today to see how much better your revenue cycle can be with White Plume.