White Plume occupies a very unique niche in the Healthcare Technology field. AccelaSCAN, AccelaCAPTUREAccelaMOBILE, AccelaPASS, and AccelaSMART accelerate the charge capture and coding review process. Many times practices use White Plume to fill the EMR Gap between their current electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) and the ideal EMRs/EHRs of the future.


White Plume Clients

The process can be seamless. Even if a practice has different EMR/EHR and practice management system vendors, White Plume can interface between the two. White Plume accommodates clients to provide the solution however and wherever they want. Practices can chose between a paper superbill, electronic superbill, mobile application, work through their EHR or EHR, or subscribe to combinations based on physician preferences.

Peculiarities required for reimbursement can be complex and a little daunting. White Plume can help.

Most new White Plume clients already have an EMR installed. They have completed their implementation process and now want to accelerate the charge entry and/or coding review process. That may be using a mobile charge capture solution to capture all charges at the hospital and ensure note cards are not left or lost in pockets or cars. Or it may be capturing all office charges through an EHR but getting an accelerated solution for billing staff to review data for correct coding. After all, few practices are willing to rely on their doctor to remember all of the different rules that are required for proper reimbursement from each of their payers.

Mobile Revolution

One of the exciting new trends in Healthcare IT has certainly been the Mobile Revolution. Studies have shown physician adoption of the iOS devices, Appleā€™s iPhone and iPad, are on the rise. White Plume provides AccelaMOBILE, or free mobile charge capture, to allow clients to utilize those devices in order to accelerate the charge capture and coding review process. AccelaMOBILE is free when used as a standalone product.