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Doctors know what they need. Whether it’s lab results, demographic information, or other data, every physician could tell you what they need to see and exactly when in the process of a patient visit that they need it. However, many doctors are not able to take control of their processes. Instead, they are forced to cater to the whims of their electronic health record.

Is Your Healthcare Technology Controlling You?

The following quote from a doctor aptly describes the friction between EHRs and the care process:

“A system that promised to increase my mastery over my work has, instead, increased my work’s mastery over me.” -Atul Gawande, The New Yorker

This should not be the case. Healthcare technology should exist to empower doctors to deliver better care. Instead, many doctors find that it slows them down, creates frustration, and leads to burnout. The poor design and inefficiencies can even lead to dangerous consequences for patients.

One care team discovered that their process for screening patients for health risks required searching in over seven locations in the EHR. All of this is because of the poor design of EHRs, and the fact that they were not designed with doctors in mind. Because of this, doctors are forced to comply with the needs of their EHR, and their processes are hindered.

Empower Your Care Process

Doctors should not have to settle for technology that hinders their care process. They should be empowered in the exam room. The solution to this problem is to find third-party software that enhances your EHR experience. We’ve listened to the needs of doctors. One screen with the data that YOU need in an easy to digest format. Streamline your care process with White Plume.

If you want to see what a personalized exam room screen looks like, fill out this form. We work with you to empower the care process that you know you need. After all, no one knows your care process better than you.