Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics: An Overview


Chuck Norris, famous actor and martial arts expert, recently wrote an article in his health blog about the serious problem facing patients—physician burnout.

His article was directed towards patients rather than physicians, with an important message for empathy. With clinical interactions shrinking, he wants people to know the reason behind their disconnected interactions with their doctors. It’s not the physicians who are to blame, but rather all of the documentation they are now forced to focus on.

“Today’s physicians, the product of 10 to 20 years of schooling, are now required to spend half their work time as medical clerks. According to a 2017 National Academy of Medicine paper, as a result, more than half of U.S. physicians are experiencing substantial symptoms of job burnout.”

Chuck Norris is just one among many who are recognizing the continual problem of physician burnout. His final statement in the article is a powerful one: “Fulfilling a changing role of providing lifestyle and health counseling while keeping up with the latest nutritional science cannot happen unless we allow doctors to concentrate on seeing patients – and let someone else concentrate on documenting things.”

Chuck Norris wants to allow doctors to get back to treating the holistic health of patients, not just their current symptoms. But this can only happen when doctors have more face to face time with patients. This face to face time with patients is getting squeezed out by the burden of documentation on poorly designed EHRs. EHRs were not designed with the physician in mind, and as a result, they are difficult to use. We believe the time is ripe for a better solution.

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