Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics: An Overview

Improved patient outcomes, a part of the Triple Aim, is driven by patient engagement.  The key to patient engagement is the trust-bond relationship between the doctor and patient.  If the patient feels they are cared for by their care provider and can trust them, then they are far more likely to engage in their prescribed treatment plans.

The problem?  This trust-bond relationship is difficult to maintain if the doctor is engaged with their computer screen during the patient visit.  Patients feel disconnected, and not sure if they are seen or heard.  But what they can’t see is that it’s not the doctor’s fault!  This disconnect that is felt between patients and physicians is a result of the EHR screen that physicians are stuck behind.

This EHR problem is extensive.  It takes multiple screens and pages to find what you need.  There is limited auto-correct functionality and limitations to the search function.  It is easy to forget data you found on one screen when you are constantly flipping through screens.  It’s slow.  It doesn’t capture charges consistently.  And it makes doctors rightfully irritated and angry.  How are you supposed to connect with patients when you are irritated and frustrated?

For all the frustrated physicians spending hours of your time behind a screen, for all the doctors sensing that their patients feel ignored, for all those wanting to engage with your patients but unable to because of the many tabs you have to search through to find the data you need…  This message is for you.  We see you, we hear your frustrations, and we want you to know that it is not your fault.  The time is ripe for a solution that makes your EHR more usable in the patient exam.