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Physicians today spend half of their time in their EHR. Not only is this frustrating for physicians, but it is also costly. According to the Harvard Business Review, the annual cost of physicians spending 50% of their time in their EHR is more than $365 billion. That is one billion dollars per day. This is all because EHRs are time-consuming and difficult to use.

3 Ways to Spend Less Time in Your EHR

1. Reduce Payer Requirements for Documentation

One reason doctors have to spend so much of their time in the EHR is the large amount of documentation requirements from CMS and private payers. CMS is already working to reduce the amount of documentation requirements in their Patients over Paperwork initiative. This is a huge step, and private payers should follow suit. Documentation should only be required that provides clinical value.

2. Make EHR Workflow Improvements

Some of the frustration of using EHRs could be solved by improving workflows. Are there scenarios in which doctors are clicking through multiple tabs that could be done in a simpler way? Review your EHR workflows and seek out improvement opportunities.

3. Use Third-Party Innovations

EHR vendors are beginning to realize that they cannot provide a standardized solution that satisfies every user. For that reason, they are opening up their APIs to third-party developers who are creating apps. These work with your EHR platform, and allow customization of the user experience.

Are you frustrated with all of the clicking and digging through tabs just to find the patient data that you need? Doctors should be able to design their own EHR screen – after all, no one knows better what you need to see than you! We can work within your EHR platform to create a custom patient data view. Click here for a free EHR screen design.