AdobeStock_192334914Many practices are not happy with their EHR. Providers are stuck with the dilemma of whether they should stick it out with the EHR that they already have and remain unhappy, or risk switching to a new one. Yet there may be an option where you avoid going through the painful implementation process a second time and find a better way to use your current EHR. Before you make a hasty yet costly decision to start over with a new EHR, consider these reasons why you should not.

1.  EHR implementation is costly and time-consuming

You already know exactly how costly and time-consuming it was to implement an EHR the first time around. Except last time, the government was offering incentives. Now the only incentive is that you will get a better ROI for your EHR. But will you? If you are going to undergo all of that time and money, the switch has to be worth the cost.

2.  Your next EHR is not guaranteed to be better than the last

The grass is not always greener, and the problems you are facing with your current EHR are not guaranteed to be fixed by switching to a new one. In fact, you may find that new problems arise that you were not already facing with your previous EHR. Whatever complaints you have against your current EHR, there is another practice out there with the same complaints against their different EHR. Switching will most likely not solve those problems.

3.  Many problems can be fixed by better usage of your current EHR

Before you spend time and money to get a new EHR, make sure you are using your current EHR the best that you can. Here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is my EHR updated to the newest system version?
  • Is my staff well trained in how to use the EHR?
  • Have I optimized my workflows around my EHR?
  • Is there any third-party software that could improve my EHR usage?

That last point is crucial and could save you so much time and money. Maybe your EHR is not ideal, but could you solve some of the problems by adding additional software? For example, if it is difficult to do charge capture within your EHR, use software like AccelaCAPTURE. It is a charge capture form that goes on top of your EHR and works like the old paper superbill. This could solve a lot of the headaches and frustrations you have with your EMR.

If you are considering switching your EHR, stop and consider. Is this really the best move for your practice? To see how White Plume’s products could enhance your EHR usage, click to schedule a free demo.