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Myalgia, or muscle pain, is a common diagnosis frequently included on the electronic  AccelaCAPTURE and AccelaMOBILE forms. Effective October 1, 2018, the single ICD-10 code for Myalgia (M79.1) was replaced with Myalgia Unspecified (M79.10), Myalgia of Masticiation Muscle, Myalgia of Auxiliary Muscle (M79.12), and Myalgia Other Sites (M79.18).

Question: When you validate a batch in AccelaSMART, are the new Myalgia codes (M79.10 thru M79.18) recognized as valid ICD-10 codes or are they flagged as invalid?

If the new Myalgia diagnoses (M79.10 thru M79.18) are not recognized as valid ICD-10 codes, this indicates that your Alpha II coding content is out of date and needs to be updated. Every quarter, White Plume sends an email alert with instructions on how to download the latest coding updates. If this update is not run, then new, deleted or revised codes will not be recognized by the White Plume applications. Without the Alpha II update, any coding rules (such as CCI edits, MUEs, LCD/NCDs, etc) will not fire correctly on the affected codes. Even if you do not validate batches in AccelaSMART, you still need to run the Alpha II update in order to see any new diagnoses in the Code Search tools (The Code Search library is part of the Alpha II coding content update). 

If you notice that the new Myalgia codes are not available in Code Search or are not recognized as valid codes in AccelaSMART, please contact White Plume support ( assistance with updating your coding library.