Christmas time is upon us, and with this season comes a whole new host of potential injuries. Below are a few festive ICD-10 codes that you may end up using this year.

1.  When the gift wrapping goes awry:

  • W262XXA Contact with edge of stiff paper, initial encounter

2.  When you spend way too much time with family:

  • Z631 Problems in relationship with in-laws

3.  When Dad puts up the Christmas lights without help:

  • W11XXXA Fall on and from ladder, initial encounter

4.  When you eat all of the Christmas cookies:

  • R635    Abnormal weight gain

5.  When the Christmas cookies go right through you:

  • Z9102 Food additives allergy status

6.  When you get in a fight over last minute present shopping:

  • Y92513  Shop (commercial) as the place of occurrence of the external cause

7.  When you caved and got the kids a puppy for Christmas:

  • W540XXA Bitten by dog, initial encounter

8.  When you make the poor decision to let your kids go sledding unsupervised:

  • V00221A Fall from sled, initial encounter

9.  When you spill the hot cocoa:

  • X100XXA Contact with hot drinks, initial encounter

And finally…

10.  When Santa takes a wrong turn:

  • V8012XD Occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured in collision with pedestrian or animal, subsequent encounter

Stay safe this Christmas season!