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AMA’s 2012 National Health Insurer Report Card

The AMA has published its National Health Insurer Report Card, comparing data from seven commercial payors and Medicare on key administrative metrics. While there have been great improvements that have saved the healthcare industry billions of dollars, this report shows a few interesting findings that directly correspond with a physician’s bottom line.

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Insurance / CMS

2011.9.6 insurance-stress-billerTo be reimbursed for the services practices provide, proper medical coding is required for insurance claims to be accepted.

Medicare, Medicaid, and all private carriers each have separate rules about what they require in certain circumstances. HIPPA has been working to fix this problem, but many White Plume clients articulate this has not happened yet. Offices have to remember inthis particular scenario, atthis particular location, withthis particular payer,this is required to be reimbursed appropriately. Billers and medical coders store that information on sticky notes, in notebooks, or in their heads. White Plume accelerates the process of storage, retrieval, and execution of the information to make sure it is disseminated to the right person at the right time, thereby also accelerating the entire revenue cycle.

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