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Navigate MIPS in 2017 and Beyond

Learn about how White Plume helps physician practices understand the new MIPS program. There is still time to avoid the penalty in 2017 and prepare for the changes to MIPS in 2018.

What does the webinar include?

Most physicians will report MIPS measures for 90 days in 2017. That means there is still time to successfully avoid a negative adjustment (penalty) in 2017.

This webinar reviews practical steps your practice can take to avoid a negative adjustment in 2017. It also reviews the changes to MIPS in 2018, so your practice can be ahead of the game for next year.

Answer the questions:

  • What is a transition year?
  • We haven’t started yet…can I still avoid the penalty?
  • What are the changes to MIPS next year?

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What attendees are saying:

“The easy way the speaker explained the MIPS program. It was the best I have heard thus far!”

“Explaining today that it is better than we expected and should be easy to achieve.” “Learning that avoiding a penalty IS possible while still on paper charts and the offer to share the spreadsheet of reporting codes. I’m looking forward to receiving that! Thank you for sharing!”

“Great information provided on MIPS in an easy understandable format.” “This webinar was the most clear and concise breakdown of the 2017 MIPS program and the proposed 2018 MIPS program that I have attended thus far. The presenter and the graphics were easy-to-follow and entertaining. Thank you.”