Give Doctors Their Time Back

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Give Doctors Their Time Back

Meaningful Use had disastrous impacts on physician productivity.

Doctors spend less time with patients and more time checking government required boxes in the EHR. White Plume recently worked with one practice to reduce the number of provider clicks  from 14-32%!

No matter how you currently use your EMR and/or PM system, White Plume has solutions that interface with your existing systems. We utilize the latest in API technology, and can even provide an electronic “superbill” that mimics the incredible efficiency of the paper encounter form for your practice.

White Plume helps clinical staff spend less time coding and more time caring for patients. Encounter data can be captured with a few clicks and is then routed everywhere it needs to go. Claims data is sent to your PM system for FFS reimbursement, diagnosis data is sent to your EHR to accurately maintain problem lists, and quality measure data is sent to your registry to make MIPS easy.

Our solutions are also totally customized for each and every practice- ensuring that we create the best solutions for your workflows & specific needs. Learn more about how White Plume can empower your practice & accelerate your revenue cycle with a Free Demo.

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Electronic Practice Acceleration Solution Suite (ePASS) provides you with extreme flexibility in rapidly capturing medical charges and accelerates the process of getting charges refined, accurately coded and passed to your EMR and PM system with minimal changes to your current workflow.

Learn more about each of the products in our ePASS suite.

White Plume is an awesome product. We can now do in 2-3 hours the work that took us a week before White Plume.

Sandi Crabtree | Office Manager
Women’s Health Partners Knoxville