White Plume Perspectives: An ICD-10 Future

Thinking about what physicians face in the future, it’s really daunting. We’ve got meaningful use, the changing of processes that they’ve used for the last 15-25 years, and from a clinical perspective that’s a tremendous change. The government recognizes that and the industry recognized that—why do you think they are offering dollars as an incentive?

Don’t Slow Administration

The easier questions to answer are when the administrative people ask—whether it be the billing person, the charge entry person, the coder—“Will this slow me down? Will I be as fast as I am today?” That’s an easy one. The answer is, “We’re going to accelerate where you are today.

Smoothing Workflow

A small gap can cause everything to fall apart. Think about if you didn’t put the oil plug back in your car after getting an oil change.

White Plume Bridges the Gap

Practices often are committed to getting an EMR and currently have a PM System that works very well, but are not sure exactly where we fit in that equation. The place where we fit is right in the middle of EMRs and PM Systems. Those two systems were originally designed to do two different things.


EMR and PMS Decisions

One of the biggest challenges that we hear from practice managers today about how they make decisions about the EMR of the future, is whether to choose an integrated EMR and PM System or a best of breed approach. We’ve got customers that are choosing both and there’s no single answer that’s right for everybody. Regardless of what your particular strategy is, White Plume can help bridge that gap.

Accelerate EMR Processes

A lot of practices end up choosing an EMR that’s not from their existing PM vendor, and they don’t want to spend the money to buy an entirely new PM System; I think that makes a lot of sense. When Vendor A wants you to buy their PM System, and Vendor B wants you to buy their EMR, we can be like Switzerland. We can sit in the middle, receive charges from your EMR, pass it to your PM System, and, if you ever need to make a change with either your EMR or PM System, we will work with that new vendor as well.

Until a Utopian EMR

Our concept is: save time and save money within the practice. That’s what we’re going to do and that’s what we’re going to continue to do until the ultimate EMR arrives that serves every need for our client base.

Options when choosing EMR or PM Systems

Bridging the gap between EMR technology and PM technology is very important. There are at least two different major approaches that practices take. One would be an integrated EMR and PM System. In that environment, one of the positives is you’re dealing with one vendor on both sides of the equation and theoretically, you’ve got a real solid interface between the two.

Interfacing with EMR or PM Systems

This is really a difficult time in healthcare to try to balance the present with the future. How do you make good decisions today from a technology perspective that will pay dividends and reward you in the future? One of the ways we can help that is really by protecting the investment that you may have in existing technology