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Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics: Specific Coding Modifications

Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics provides revenue cycle teams visibility into the coding changes and corrections made in White Plume’s AccelaSMART program.  The key is to use the available data to create actionable insights that save revenue cycle employees time and produce better revenue cycle outcomes.


The data in the nearby table is aggregate data showing the most frequently added and deleted diagnosis codes by the entire department during a small window of time.  For this particular client, this view is very helpful because any individual user may only encounter this problem twice a day.  When asked about this particular diagnosis code, the coder, or end user, said that it did not happen very frequently and that they could correct it manually.  However, when supervisors viewed the data in aggregate, they recognized a problem that this particular issue consistently drained productivity and cycles from the end user and needed to be corrected.

Through workflow analysis, we determined that the Z02.89 code was the diagnosis code the coders used when there was a dummy CPT code that did not have a diagnosis code linked to it.  Why did the dummy CPT code require a diagnosis code?  The practice management system required it to post the CPT code.  Why were they using a dummy code so frequently?  The dummy code tracked no-show and cancelled appointments, which were important for the practice to track.  Front desk staff did a great job adding the dummy CPT code to the encounter but would often forget to add the diagnosis code to the dummy CPT code.

White Plume worked with the client to create a solution that did not require the front desk to remember and execute this process every time, nor did it require the coders to manually add a supporting diagnosis to the dummy code.  White Plume created an automatic rule that would identify the encounters with the dummy CPT code for No Show or Cancelled Appointment, and automatically added the supporting Z02.89 diagnosis code if it was not already on the encounter.  This saved the coders valuable time that could be reallocated to provider education, surgical coding and HCC coding.

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