Starting Oct 1, 2015, the traditional paper superbill will no longer work.

The Problem is Your Paper Superbill...

...or maybe the problem is how your EHR handles ICD-10.

200-300 ICD-9 codes on an average paper superbill cover 95% of all patient encounters. Most practices can expect these 200-300 ICD-9 codes to balloon to 1,200-8,000 ICD-10 codes, depending on the specialty.

This exponential increase in the number of codes used to cover the majority of patient encounters will be impossible to fit on a single page superbill. A change in the way providers communicate billing information to the billing team is mandatory as the paper superbill will simply no longer suffice.

Loss of Physician Productivity is the BIGGEST risk.
Practice cash flow is at stake.

Do you have a plan in place to make ICD-10 easy for your physicians?

The Solution is AccelaCAPTURE:
An electronic superbill customized for your practice.

AccelaCAPTURE MD is an electronic superbill designed to look exactly like the paper superbill. This design is already familiar to the provider, thus simplifying the transition to electronic superbill, improving adoption, and shortening the learning curve.

AccelaCAPTURE is simple to use. It allows the user to click or tap to select procedure and diagnostic codes on a computer or tablet rather than having to circle the codes on a piece of paper.

Free 15 day Trial of AccelaCAPTURE MD

Step 1 — Send us a copy of your paper superbill
Step 2 — Choose one of your physicians to try it
Step 3 — Get Started with your free 15 day trial of AccelaCAPTURE MD

If it works for your practice... AccelaCAPTURE MD costs just $45 per provider per month.

If it doesn't work for your practice... the trial was free and you have no further obligation.


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