White Plume Technologies is the ingenuity leader in physician practice acceleration.

Established in 1999, White Plume helps over 5,000 U.S. physicians improve their revenue cycle outcomes through a combination of people, processes, and technology.  Our team has both deep expertise in HCIT and fierce loyalty to the clients we serve.  We believe that doctors should spend more time with patients and less time clicking.  We believe that your revenue cycle team can deliver both industry-leading results and lightning fast throughput times.  We believe your practice can score well in MIPS and remain independent and in control of your practice.

The Electronic Practice Acceleration Solution Suite (ePASS) includes the AccelaCAPTURE, AccelaPASS and AccelaMOBILE software components that automatically capture, transfer and present information from multiple sources, including scanned documents, electronic medical record (EMR) systems and an electronic superbill. These components work seamlessly with AccelaSMART, White Plume’s intelligent, rules-driven charge-resolution engine to perform code editing, front-end denial prevention, exceptions management, change processing and MD/practice-specific preference orchestration. White Plume distributes its practice acceleration products directly to medical practices, as well as through certified practice management technology and EMR solution partners.


The number one benefit of White Plume for our practice has been Time! I can’t imagine any practice not having it.

Lisa Spanfelner | Billing Manager
South Jersey Orthopedic

Total dollar productivity is up a solid 10%. Overall I would estimate that White Plume puts an additional $100,000 to $150,000 in our pocket each year.

Gordon Barlow | Consulting Practice Manager
Augusta Eye Associates

We have definitely seen an improved workflow. There is less reworking and more positive work. Denials are down and our cash flow has improved. The software allows us to centralize our coding expertise and stay current with changing regulations. We depend on the custom edits we can build.

Chris Johnson | Analyst
Spectrum Health