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About White Plume Technologies

White Plume Technologies is the ingenuity leader in physician practice acceleration.

Established in 1999, White Plume develops innovative technology solutions that help over 7,000 U.S. physicians eliminate major information processing barriers, from patient encounter to clean claim submission, by automating and expediting a formerly complex, error-prone and time-consuming process.

The Electronic Practice Acceleration Solution Suite (ePASS) includes the AccelaCAPTURE, AccelaPASS and AccelaMOBILE software components that automatically capture, transfer and present information from multiple sources, including scanned documents, electronic medical record (EMR) systems and an electronic superbill. These components work seamlessly with AccelaSMART, White Plume’s intelligent, rules-driven charge-resolution engine to perform code editing, front-end denial prevention, exceptions management, change processing and MD/practice-specific preference orchestration. White Plume distributes its practice acceleration products directly to medical practices, as well as through certified practice management technology and EMR solution partners.

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