Since 1999, White Plume has helped over 5,000 physicians improve their revenue cycle management. We provide advanced analytics, automated medical billing software and dedicated support for your practice.  Our team offers profound industry expertise and fierce loyalty to the clients we serve. We believe that doctors should spend more time with patients and less time clicking. With our tools you can improve your revenue cycle processes & profitability while freeing up more time for quality care.

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We help save our clients an average of $10,097 per provider per year.  Our products integrate with your existing EHR and PM systems to improve both revenue cycle speed and practice outcomes.

The Difference

What Makes Us the Best

Get Paid Faster With Less Effort

Regulations have forced providers to capture charge information like CPT and ICD-10 codes in the EMR. Now, medical groups have to manually review all charges passing from the EMR—which adds time, effort, and costs to the charge capture process. We automate this process & empower your team to help you get paid faster with less manual effort.

Give Doctors Their Time Back

Technology should make life easier but today many users are frustrated with the demands meaningful use has added to the EHR. Doctors are medical experts not billing and coding specialists. However, they are being asked to spend more time than ever on administrative tasks due to these changes. Our software eliminates many of these redundant tasks giving physicians their time back to focus on patient care.

Capture Missed Charges

Average hospital revenue cycles are losing roughly $22 million to missed revenue charges annually. We have a better way to automatically capture those potential missed charges. Every charge is reviewed against a comprehensive code edit, custom rules and workflow engine to ensure you capture all eligible charges with each and every claim. Eliminate missed charges with White Plume. 

Reduce Denied Claims

No one likes dealing with denied claims. Re-working those claims is a burden that takes time & energy to solve. Our automated software works with your existing systems to prevent denials on the front end so claims are paid completely & correctly the first time. Claims are corrected before they hit your billing system. Learn how we helped one practice reduce denial rates by 25% in their first year with us.

Improve Coding Staff Performance

Medical billing and coding staff are the backbone of your revenue cycle and accurate coding is essential. Our software can help your practice increase medical billing & coding accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Empower your team with the tools they need to succeed. Here’s what one billing supervisor had to say after working with White Plume: “What took us an hour before, takes ten minutes with ePASS.”

Automate Charge Entry

Say goodbye to your paper Superbills. Replace your paper encounter forms with an intelligent, electronic Superbill. Our electronic capture form enables physicians to work as fast as the paper method while automating charge entry. You can go paperless without changing your workflows or your EHR. Our forms work with your existing systems to save you time & improve charge capture accuracy for clean claims.

Our Products

White Plume Practice Acceleration Product Suite

“You can’t afford not to use White Plume. We easily manage charge entry for 60 physicians with 2 FTE’s.”

Wendy Karsten | CEO
Huntington Medical Foundation