What White Plume Does

  • wp-platform-02protects physician productivity during icd-10 transition — Physician productivity and practice revenue are preserved by giving physicians a tool that protects them from a decrease in patient volume during the transition from ICD-9 to     ICD-10.
  • Reduces ICD-10 Revenue Cycle hiring needs — Automation of the ICD-10 encounter review process reduces revenue cycle hiring needs created by ICD-10. In some cases clients are able to reallocate exisiting FTEs.
  • Protects practice cash flow during icd-10 transition — Powerful tools for coders and other revenue cycle employees help create a Closed Loop Denial Prevention Process (CLDP). CLDP allows practices to identify a denied claim, analyze why it was denied and ensure that future occurrences are corrected before the charge is posted to the PM/Billing System. 
  • makes your emr and/or pmis perform better by filling critical functional gaps — Accelerates and improves charge capture; keeps physicians very efficient, accurate and requires only a micro-change for success using an iPad, paper superbills, smart phones, tablets, web, etc. Smartly automates coding for specific payor rules, payor nuances, practice preferences and physician tendencies and quirks.
  • delivers high reward with very little risk with demonstrable returns without large capital risk, or change risk.
   white plume platform

ICD-10 Threatens

Physician Productivity

and Cash Flow

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