AccelaSCAN — An Intelligent Paper Superbill Quick-scan Processing

AccelaSCANAccelaSCAN™ – AccelaSCAN provides intelligent paper superbill quick-scan processing that automates charge capture, replacing time-consuming, expensive manual charge entry by scanning up to 1,200 encounter forms per hour, saving time and improving accuracy.

Charges that up to now have taken hours or even days to enter can be scanned in a fraction of the time. This productivity increase frees employees to perform other higher-return tasks, including insurance verification, accounts receivables follow-up, and front desk responsibilities. AccelaSCAN offers an excellent opportunity to begin the transition to and reap the rewards of a digital, paperless environment without having to change systems.

scannerCharge data captured by AccelaSCAN is automatically routed to the AccelaSMART charge resolution engine where errors and omissions are identified for correction. The software guides medical practice staff through the process by only flagging those encounters with errors that require correction. Utilizing Medicare CCI, Medical Necessity Guidelines, blended LCD's, and payor-specific guidelines, practice staff will correct each encounter as appropriate and upload clean claims to the practice management system.

AccelaSCAN Benefits Include:

  • Decreased denials
  • Elimination of missed charges
  • Improved accounts receivables
  • Reduced risk of audit
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ICD-10 Threatens 

Physican  Productivity

and Cash  Flow

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