AccelaPASS, Charge-passing Automation Acceleration

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AccelaPASSAccelaPASS™ is White Plume’s electronic charge-passing technology that enables EMR/EHR-based patient chart information to be accelerated for automatic routing to White Plume’s AccelaSMART charge resolution engine, ensuring that every charge is immediately validated for compliance against Medicare CCI, medical necessity guidelines, blended LCD's and payor-specific guidelines. Errors or missed charges are automatically routed to the practice administrative staff along with real-time suggestions to correct each encounter. Corrected clean encounters are then uploaded into the practice management system for processing.

AccelaPASS is the perfect complementary technology for practices that install EMR systems and also wish to utilize the industry's most powerful charge resolution engine to ensure that claims are accurate on the front end of the process, prior to submission to the practice management system. AccelaPASS works simultaneously with other White Plume charge capture technologies, including AccelaSCAN and AccelaCAPTURE.

AccelaPASS Benefits Include:

  • Practice coding quality controls and processes
  • Editing and correction of charges prior to claims generation
  • Decreased denials
  • Elimination of missed charges
  • Improved accounts receivable
  • Compliance enhancement
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ICD-10 Threatens 

Physican  Productivity

and Cash  Flow

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