FREE ICD-10 Conversion Analysis

 White Plume provides FREE ICD-10 conversion analysis.

Many practices struggle with how to begin working on their ICD-10 project.  They know the risks to physician productivity and cash flow caused by ICD-10, but it is difficult to communicate the impact to staff and physicians.

One of the BEST ways to get started is to show them the impact to YOUR practice based on the diagnosis codes you use most frequently today. 

All you have to do is email an Excel file with your most commonly used ICD-9 codes.  We will send you back summary data that reports back high level analysis data in addition to the line by line detail.


Sample Conversion Analysis:



ICD-10 Costs for Physician Practices

In 2008, Nachimson Advisors published a landmark paper projecting the cost of implementing ICD-10 in physician practices.  On February 12, 2014 an updated study was published with additional details and revised projections.  The study projects total ICD-10 costs to range from $21,000 - $82,000 per provider.

ICD-10 is Coming, White Plume can Help

Given the letters CMS sent to AHIMA and AMA last month, it seems clear there is no intention to delay the ICD-10 conversion again.  With less than 7 months before October 1, 2014, the time to prepare is now.  Preparation involves more than just system upgrades.  Practices need to consider how physicians will be impacted, specifically in the areas of charge capture and documentation.  Then take the next step to determine how changes in those two areas will impact the revenue cycle.

ICD-10 Threatens Physician Productivity

Carl Natale of ICD-10 Watch wrote an article recently discussing the trends to watch in 2013 when it comes to preparing for ICD-10. He makes the point that one of physician’s greatest complaints about ICD-10 is surrounding the time and money it will take to make the conversion to ICD-10.  A physician’s time is money, so as with most things, it comes down to the cost as compared to the benefit (be that literal or perceived). Most physicians would argue, from their perspective, the benefit does not outweigh the cost.

ICD-10 Delay: What To Do With Your Time

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) announcement of a proposed rule that would delay ICD-10’s implementation compliance date by a year—to October 1, 2014—has allowed the industry to sigh with relief. However, there are reasons for the delay. If indeed the industry was unprepared for the 2013 transition, perhaps as a result of the unfortunate yet educational 5010 transition difficulties, action should be taken now.

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ICD-10 Threatens 

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